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  Founded in April 2002, with a registered capital of US$20 million , Fabulous Group (Xiamen) Co., Ltd., hereafter referred as Fabulous Group , was invested by Fabulous International Group Corp. located in British Virgin Islands. The business covers the integrated sales of heavy steel structure, curtain wall, building materials, sanitary equipment, household electrical appliances ,and the manufacturing of electronic technology, integrated circuits, semiconductor and other electronic components, also design, R&D, manufacturing and sales of Intelligent equipment etc. By adhering to the tenet of "Quality Primacy, High Reputation, Service Supremacy", Fabulous Group strives to develop an efficient and sustainable development of business with good quality and credit. As a "high technolo......

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With Talent As The Main Body And Pproduct Quality As The Forerunner, We Pursue The Corporate Culture Of "Honesty, Pragmatism, Innovation And Win-Win Situation"

What are the advantages of stone curtain walls

What are the advantages of stone curtain walls

Stone is a product that is frequently used in construction, especially stone curtain walls. China is a relatively large producer and used country. What are the advantages of stone curtain walls? Lets take a look...



How to deal with the bright light of the quartz stone joints?

Quartz stone is a good material, and it has many advantages. It is also the commonly used decorative stone for home decoration. So, how to deal with the bright seam of quartz stone?...




What should I pay attention to when laying marble window sills?

The application of bay windows is also a method adopted by most commercial houses. At present, common materials such as marble laying, wood flooring, floor tiles and mosaic tiles ar...




How to fix the cabinet door in the later stage of stone decoration

Nowadays, many people like to use stone to decorate their homes, especially kitchens or bathrooms. Marble or granite is often used as decoration stone. However, kitchens and bathroo...


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